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Hello and thank you so much for stopping in to read my blog! I will be writing blogs periodically about hunting, photography, Western Heritage, ranching, and other subjects about Custer County, Colorado. First let me give you a little information about myself. My name is Brianna (Livengood) Cozzetto, I am a 4th generation Westcliffe Native, I graduated from Custer County High School a few years back, I spend a lot of time hunting in the Wet Mountain Valley, and I absolutely love taking photographs of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range and all their majesty. I may be biased but I think Westcliffe, Colorado is the most beautiful place on Earth.

Right now in Custer County the deer are in the middle of the rut. I had a 3rd season rifle deer tag but did not fill it, so I went to shoot them with my camera instead of a rifle. My “guide” aka my dad, my 3 year old daughter and I went on a little drive to see just how crazy these bucks are during the rut. We arrived on the North end of the valley floor about 1 hour before sunset. If I was going to guess how many deer we saw I would have to say at least a couple hundred. In this short drive I saw more big bucks than I ever had in one trip. During this time of year, if you take a drive at dawn or dusk near any of the towns of Custer County such as Westcliffe, Silver Cliff, Rosita, and Wetmore, I will guarantee you will see some of Colorado’s best Mule Deer.

The Wet Mountain Valley is an excellent place to hunt Colorado Mule Deer, with many acres of public land, you can’t go wrong with a Westcliffe Hunting trip. If you aren’t the camping out kind, Westcliffe hotels will put you up for the night, or the season. There are many places to dine in the Wet Mountain Valley or just warm up with a hot cup of coffee. Hunting in Custer County provides abundant opportunities for both long time Natives and new comers alike. Hope to see you in the field! Happy hunting! ~Brianna

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