3115 Co Rd 160, Westcliffe, CO 81252
3115 County Road 160 Westcliffe Colorado 81252 US

Located in Westcliffe, Colorado, A Painted View Ranch is nestled in one of the state’s most beautiful and unspoiled areas, The Wet Mountain Valley. Just three miles west of downtown Westcliffe, the ranch offers visitors a stunning view of the mountains and an authentically western experience.

A Painted View Ranch is committed to perpetuating the western and ranching lifestyle through equestrian events, music and community service. We celebrate the American Quarter Horse and the contribution the breed has made to the West. We hold dear the values and work ethic a life living close to the land provides. Our goal at A Painted View Ranch is to pass these traits and values onto our youth. It is our focus for the present and our legacy for the future.