Lodging tax revenues are administered under Article VII of the CCTB bylaws and in accordance with the Custer County Tourism Board marketing plan. See article VII section H. of the bylaws as it relates to the distribution of funds to tourism-based events.

The CCTB will review countywide grant requests on an annual basis during its November board meeting, which shall coincide with the annual Events Round-Up, sponsored by the CCTB. The funds will be allocated from the following year’s budget and made available after the first of the year.

Grant requests will be presented in person, along with the grant application, by an individual representing the business or organization requesting the grant. For a grant request to be considered for review at the meeting, the grant request must be presented in person.

If special events marking funds are remaining after the November meeting, additional funding requests may be heard at the regularly scheduled May meeting.

The CCTB Special Events Marketing Fund has money available in the form of mini-grants. These non-reimbursable funds are not required to be repaid to the CCTB. Events may receive funding for a maximum of three consecutive years.

Priority will be given to marketing a special event that: 

  • Encourages overnight stays in the county by out-of-county visitors.
  • Encourages tourism in the off-season or shoulder seasons. (Oct-Apr)
  • Includes in its proposal an evaluation of the impact the event will have on the county, such as attendance, taxable lodging sales and other projected county sales revenues contributed to the event.
  • Events the Main Street Manager has already reviewed and will endorse.


Members and their families of the CCTB and the County Commissioners of Custer County are ineligible to submit requests for funding on behalf of any applicant, or to perform any in-kind services for any applicant(s) in conjunction with the request. Members having a perceived conflict of interest will abstain from the matter.


In order for an organization to qualify for CCTB Special Events Marketing funding, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Proposals must be presented to the CCTB using the Special Event Marketing request form, available by downloading and printing the Grant Application Form (Adobe Reader required). Alternatively, contact us to receive a form by email.
  2. In addition to the application, an applicant must make an oral presentation to the CCTB.
  3. The CCTB must be notified in advance of any changes in dates, times or location for the event and of the reason for the change.
  4. Funded event marketing should recognize the contribution of the CCTB by display of the CCTB logo on all printed materials. A link to the CCTB Tourism website: visitcountycounty.com should also be displayed on the website of the grant recipient when applicable.
  5. The Grantee shall submit copies of paid marketing invoices to the CCTB within 60 days following the event, to document expenditures of grant dollars. In the event the funds granted were not used for their intended purpose to market the event, the funds shall be immediately returned to the CCTB.
  6. Funded events shall have submitted and will obtain all required permits for the event.

Any amendments to the Special Events Marketing Policy shall be recommended at a regular CCTB meeting, for which the matter appeared on the agenda; and upon majority vote be approved or not approved.
This document was approved and adopted by motion of the Custer County Tourism Board this 9th day of September, 2014.