For small towns, Westcliffe and Silver Cliff claim a big media presence with the Wet Mountain Tribune and KLZR 91.7 FM community radio.

The Wet Mountain Tribune reports on the regions key events while maintaining a sense of humor. Quoting Mark Twain, it says:

“Our duty is to keep the universe thoroughly posted concerning murders and street fights, and balls, and theaters, and pack-trains, and churches and lectures and schoolhouse, and military affairs, and highway robberies, and Bible Societies, and hay wagons, and a thousand other things …”

Perhaps Editor Jim Little’s long-established standing in the community allows him the freedom to cut loose. As a fifth-generation Coloradan, he came to Westcliffe in the early 1970s, bought the paper in 1981 and has collected stories ever since.

KLZR 91.7 FM, a volunteer-run radio station broadcasting since 2004, complements the Wet Mountain Tribune by providing our valley with a great variety of music, syndicated news, and increasingly, original reporting.

Having soaked up music from around the world, KLZR President Gary Taylor brings his passion to the station every day. Not only is he the songwriting engine behind the folk duo Smythe and Taylor, he’s also the driving force behind the station’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Jam and High Peaks Music Festival.